Revisiting 2016

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I posted a far, far less-refined version of the following in another forum back in 2016. My mind was hopelessly lost somewhere in the land beyond “Pissed Off” at the time. Thanks to the 2016 presidential election and America’s utterly shredded social fabric, my thoughts today still reside in that forbidden realm of scorching heat and searing anger.

We have borrowed a time machine and journeyed back to 2016. Let’s talk about the election, people. Both major party candidates are flawed. We Americans are being offered the worst possible choices of all time for this nation’s highest elected office. Worse than Carter vs. Ford. Worse than Harrison vs. Van Buren. Worse than any presidential candidates I can bring to mind. Of the two, one is a lying cheater with a long, scandal-plagued history. The other is Donald Trump.

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New Year, New Entries

Change written on a wall.

Change in all things is sweet.

Happy new year, everyone! Last year felt like a rollercoaster ride for 365 days straight, didn’t it? The year was…interesting…for many, absolutely disastrous for others, and just about the best thing since sliced bread for the rest. As we drive further into 2018, our view of the past year is quickly receding in the rearview mirror. Here’s to stepping on the accelerator and moving forward into a year of peace and purpose. May this new year be one of happiness and prosperity for you all, and may it be a time of great unity and progress for our bitterly divided nation. Continue reading

Twisted Symbols

The Twisted King of TupeloThere are certain things about life in America that I just don’t understand. Perhaps tops on my personal miscomprehension hit parade is my failure to understand how actions contrary to the public good can either lead the offender(s) to assume the mantle of respectability or fail to remove them from that desired perch. With that stated, I’ve decided to put my confusion to paper and relay to you, the reader, the long list of just what confounds me so. And since I’ve never shied away from controversy, the series of examinations in this article begins with a beloved American icon: Elvis Presley.

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