Farewell, Stan Lee

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On this day, a large piece of my childhood became forever lost, for Stanley Martin Lieber, a man known to most as the great Stan Lee, is now dead. He was a man I never knew, a man who touched me as a child despite never meeting, a man whose words spoke of power and responsibility, and a man who fought against bias when the norm was to do otherwise.

We read his stories in print; we see his creations in theaters and on television; we wear clothes emblazoned with characters and scenes that, while drawn by others, were envisioned by him for others to illustrate. We do these things now and we shall do so for decades to come, for the universe he created–like the true reality we inhabit–is constantly expanding, changing, evolving. And yet, despite its change from that which he created and championed to that which we have today, that universe remains his creation, his vision made real, and our delight to behold.

He was not just “a” man. No, his mind, energy, and passion forged much of our current pop culture and fully transcended him from being “a” man to being that which he always proclaimed to be…

THE Man.

Rest well, Stan Lee.

-Keith V.

The above was adapted 
from a post I made on Facebook (Nov. 12, 2018).


“Black Lightning” Keeps It Real

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A Hero to the Rescue!

A Hero to the Rescue!

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Flying superhero.

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Dad Really Was There!

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My kids watched an excellent documentary named Batman & Bill recently, and they came away amazed at the film-maker’s tenacity and attention to detail. In the film, there was mention of the first-ever comic book convention (“comic-con,” for short) and the horrible conditions in which it was held. It was in a dilapidated hotel in New York City, one complete with roaches, filthy walls, drunken individuals roaming about, and dangerously unlit spaces. My kids looked at me, astounded, for the description of the comic-con given in the documentary and that which I earlier gave them matched perfectly, leading my kids to fire many questions my way.

Dad was there. All those years ago, he was there and he still remembers! What did he see? Who did he see? Was Jack Kirby there? What about Stan Lee?

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