Delicious Disasters!

Delicious Disasters logo.Hi, all! We continue our focus on YouTubers again today, and this time around I am happy to present a brave young Canadian woman. Her name is Sam, and she often brings her own brand of intense warmth to chilly Canada as documented in her Delicious Disasters YouTube channel. Please note that for the purposes of this article and as fair warning to her viewers, words such as “warmth” will be synonymous with “Dante’s Inferno.”

To fully appreciate Sam and her channel is to understand our history and its many moments of tragedy. There was the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, the explosion of the airship Hindenburg, the Great Chicago Fire, and more. Each was nothing less than an epic disaster of blazing fury. Yet, even as the past is filled with moments of flaming destruction, the present features a new, fiery menace. The threat? The cooking of Sam, the would-be kitchen master and frequent customer of kitchen remodelers.

Worried faceSam is able to do the impossible. She is able to change a pot of water into a flaming cauldron and make cakes sink like Atlantis beneath the waves. She is often to the culinary arts what a giant sea monster is to Japan. However, unlike a scaly green creature stomping Tokyo flat time and again, Sam brings doom to her kitchen over and over until something wonderful happens–until she gets it right. The nature of Sam’s quest, trying and trying until she nails a recipe, is why her YouTube channel is named Delicious Disasters

A paramedic by day and the cause of many drained smoke detector batteries by night, the resident of Calgary, Alberta is a huge baseball fan in pursuit of a personal achievement few have managed: to visit every Major League Baseball park in existence. With 23 of the 30 parks already reached, her goal is in sight. Additionally, despite living in the frozen north, Sam is not a fan of Canada’s own Toronto Blue Jays or a northern MLB team. Instead, and perhaps in a display of an unstated preference for places that are as hot as a kitchen fire, she is a fan of the Texas Rangers baseball team.

House fireThe heroic, life-saving professional became a culinary cremator in the strangest of ways, by watching stock market videos on a channel named “The Monk Way” during which a YouTube video course on creating a YouTube channel was offered. Releasing her latent desire to be a kitchen arsonist caught red-handed on video, Sam took the course and began pursuing her dream of being a better cook–or at least one whose kitchen isn’t declared a disaster area on a weekly basis. She now tries recipes sent to her from her followers (most of whom must laugh maniacally while twirling pencil-thin mustaches when they click “send”), and she torches–I meant “tries”–recipes from other sources.

Whether you are a foodie, a person looking for recipes, a BuzzFeed Tasty watcher, or someone who enjoys a good laugh at blazing catastrophes, Sam’s channel has what you’re looking for. Sam is especially proud of the effort she made in her Jiggly Japanese Cheesecake video. It’s her attempt at a delicious cake recipe, but it turns into an action-comedy due to her inability to replicate what merely appears to be easy on “How-To” cooking videos. Watch the video. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (tears of joy), you’ll shake your head in absolute disbelief.

Please visit Delicious Disasters for fun with cooking (badly). Sam uploads new Delicious Disasters videos on Thursdays, and she welcomes viewer feedback at every opportunity. Thanks!

All the best,
-Keith V


Their Sweet Home Life

Hi, all! We continue our focus on YouTubers again today, and this time around I am happy to present a loving and creative duo. Meet Christine and Chris, a married couple living somewhere in the vicinity of Cleveland, Ohio, and the creators and producers of the Our Home Sweet Life YouTube channel.

Our Home Sweet Life currently features six playlists which address a plethora topics that include home finance tips, house decor tours, craft work, product reviews, cleaning and organization tips, travel, adventure, shopping hauls, and more. Frankly, they had me hooked when I clicked on their playlists and saw a video called “5 Tips to Help You Pay Off Debt Faster!” If there is one thing that appeals to my penny-pinching heart, it’s saving money. In fact, who doesn’t like to save money? Anyone?

I didn’t think so.

Christine and Chris lead an amazing and adventurous married life, and they are very open with a facet of their lives that some others are often unable to discuss. That aspect, infertility, is a challenge that arose due to endometriosis, a painful medical condition that afflicts Christine and causes tissue that normally lines the uterus to develop outside of that organ. Due to that condition, the two graphic designers have worked to have a child for ten years, with adoption standing as a possible alternative.

Amazingly, the quest to have a child was the catalyst behind the creation of the Our Home Sweet Life YouTube channel. Christine’s battle against endometriosis spurred the couple to seek further information and personal advice from related YouTube videos, thus finding content producers who would then be counted as their favorite YouTubers in the process. The pair went further and posted their story to Facebook, and many people responded to them with stories of their own struggles with infertility. The sheer number of respondents who offered information and encouragement to Christine and Chris spurred them to document much of their lives on video and add to the ongoing video-based narrative from couples who are trying to conceive.

The launch of Our Home Sweet Life initially caused scheduling issues for the couple as both have full-time jobs and they enjoy fulfilling hobbies such as photography, traveling, DIY craft projects, and playing Xbox. Thus, their new enemy was time. Finding the hours to make and post content was the biggest YouTube challenge they faced. They tried various combinations of creation days and posting days until finding the “sweet spot” that is content creation on Fridays and content posting on Saturdays. With the video schedule comfortably slotted into their busy lives, Our Home Sweet Life benefits from two intelligent and passionately committed individuals who leverage their time to create extraordinarily revealing and highly informative videos.

In keeping with their practice of creating personal, entertaining, and thought-provoking content, Christine and Chris personally recommend their video titled “Our very 1st Youtube Video!!” as the video to watch for new visitors. The video was their very first production, and it introduces visitors to the multifaceted world behind Our Home Sweet Life. It is literally “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Christine and Chris but Didn’t Know to Ask”! (Trust me, ask your folks about this reference. 😎) It is a video so relevant and so revealing, the married couple holds it high as one of the videos they are proudest of.

Whether you are a married couple going through infertility, a person who loves home decor tours and DIY craft projects, a person who loves being organized and likes cleaning videos, or simply a person who appreciates high-quality content with a personal touch, Our Home Sweet Life has something for you. Christine and Chris share a vision for their channel that includes creating a community of families and individuals linked by common struggles and dedicated to sharing experiences and learning from one another, so come along!

Please visit Our Home Sweet Life. Christine and Chris are absolutely sincere in their efforts, and they encourage all to visit their channel and share in their experiences.

All the best,
-Keith V.



Farewell, Stan Lee

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On this day, a large piece of my childhood became forever lost, for Stanley Martin Lieber, a man known to most as the great Stan Lee, is now dead. He was a man I never knew, a man who touched me as a child despite never meeting, a man whose words spoke of power and responsibility, and a man who fought against bias when the norm was to do otherwise.

We read his stories in print; we see his creations in theaters and on television; we wear clothes emblazoned with characters and scenes that, while drawn by others, were envisioned by him for others to illustrate. We do these things now and we shall do so for decades to come, for the universe he created–like the true reality we inhabit–is constantly expanding, changing, evolving. And yet, despite its change from that which he created and championed to that which we have today, that universe remains his creation, his vision made real, and our delight to behold.

He was not just “a” man. No, his mind, energy, and passion forged much of our current pop culture and fully transcended him from being “a” man to being that which he always proclaimed to be…

THE Man.

Rest well, Stan Lee.

-Keith V.

The above was adapted 
from a post I made on Facebook (Nov. 12, 2018).

The YouTuber Who Died…Twice

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Hi, all! We continue our focus on YouTubers again today, and I am happy to report that I have encountered the most unique content creator I have ever encountered. “The Savage Shibe,” the YouTuber behind the SavageShibeGaming channel, is far more than a mere gamer, and his story really does involve not one, but two times he returned from the dead.

The Savage Shibe is anything but a savage. This upbeat young man enjoys the outdoors, symphonic metal music, and he has a soft spot for dogs. His interests are as varied as the content of his YouTube channel with drawing, reading, writing poetry(!), singing, gaming, scenic photography, cooking, and YouTube content creation all counted among his interests. Interestingly, he not only engages in regular exercise, he actually boxes! Come to think of it, that’s a handy ability considering he lives in New York. Mug who at night? Not him, that’s for sure! Moreover, and to the delight of any fans of the Boston Red Sox who may read this, the Texas-born Savage Shibe does not care for New York in the slightest. (Wow, I can hear the Beantown faithful cheering along Yawkey Way even as I write this.) Continue reading

Revisiting 2016

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I posted a far, far less-refined version of the following in another forum back in 2016. My mind was hopelessly lost somewhere in the land beyond “Pissed Off” at the time. Thanks to the 2016 presidential election and America’s utterly shredded social fabric, my thoughts today still reside in that forbidden realm of scorching heat and searing anger.

We have borrowed a time machine and journeyed back to 2016. Let’s talk about the election, people. Both major party candidates are flawed. We Americans are being offered the worst possible choices of all time for this nation’s highest elected office. Worse than Carter vs. Ford. Worse than Harrison vs. Van Buren. Worse than any presidential candidates I can bring to mind. Of the two, one is a lying cheater with a long, scandal-plagued history. The other is Donald Trump.

Continue reading

Triggers, Tingles, and ASMR

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Hi, all! This blog entry again focuses on YouTubers, and I am happy to report that my quest to feature a female content producer has finally met with success. Last week, my attempts were met with… well… uh… something far less than success (as I noted here), but thanks to the kind cooperation of the woman behind a YouTube channel named “Bakers Dozen ASMR,” I am again able to present the efforts of a female YouTuber. Continue reading