Revisiting 2016

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I posted a far, far less-refined version of the following in another forum back in 2016. My mind was hopelessly lost somewhere in the land beyond “Pissed Off” at the time. Thanks to the 2016 presidential election and America’s utterly shredded social fabric, my thoughts today still reside in that forbidden realm of scorching heat and searing anger.

We have borrowed a time machine and journeyed back to 2016. Let’s talk about the election, people. Both major party candidates are flawed. We Americans are being offered the worst possible choices of all time for this nation’s highest elected office. Worse than Carter vs. Ford. Worse than Harrison vs. Van Buren. Worse than any presidential candidates I can bring to mind. Of the two, one is a lying cheater with a long, scandal-plagued history. The other is Donald Trump.

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Triggers, Tingles, and ASMR

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Hi, all! This blog entry again focuses on YouTubers, and I am happy to report that my quest to feature a female content producer has finally met with success. Last week, my attempts were met with… well… uh… something far less than success (as I noted here), but thanks to the kind cooperation of the woman behind a YouTube channel named “Bakers Dozen ASMR,” I am again able to present the efforts of a female YouTuber.

Bakers Dozen ASMR” concerns the causes of the phenomenon called “autonomous sensory meridian response” (ASMR). Generally speaking, ASMR is a meditative practice through which a person enters into a euphoric or relaxed state as triggered by auditory or visual stimulation, and it is normally accompanied by a tingling sensation that travels from the top of the head and courses down the spine. With the preceding in mind as an overall description, the channel owner has provided us with her personal experience with ASMR. According to her, certain sounds trigger a tingling that usually starts in her head or extremities and spreads around her body to induce a feeling of pure relaxation, one as if she is floating on clouds. 

The tingling and the euphoric feeling associated with ASMR are catalyzed by sounds and sights alone, so one major key to ASMR happiness is to determine what triggers the “tingles” within a specific person. Since no two people are alike, “Bakers Dozen ASMR” features a growing collection of gentle, repetitive sounds such as the splashes of raindrops on a car roof and the soft clicks of playing with a children’s toy to facilitate ASMR. As these sounds (and more) are manually created by the channel owner, she speaks in the softest of tones to maintain the viewer’s focus on the repetitive sounds she creates, and the result is amazingly effective once the listener closes their eyes.

Here is one of her videos…

Please visit “Bakers Dozen ASMR” for relaxing ASMR videos and support this creative woman’s channel by watching her content and subscribing. Let’s continue to show women our support! 

All the best,
-Keith V.



Support For Women? I Failed!

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Hello, all! In continuing with my focus on YouTubers, I recently contacted a YouTube support group in order to find a female content provider to profile here. As a YouTuber, I know how critical exposure and support are, so I try to help others whenever I can. Unfortunately, things did not go so well this time around.

First, let me show you my post to the group:

Hi! In addition to “Eccentric Entries” the YouTube channel, there is “Eccentric Entries” the blog. I have featured one female YouTuber and one male YouTuber thus far. The pendulum has swung and it’s now time to feature another female. Since my blog and YouTube channel are strictly about real-world topics, I would like to feature a female YouTuber from this group whose channel focuses on real-world concerns. Would any of you ladies care to take me up on my offer? If so, post a link to your channel along with a description of it. I’ll decide which one(s) to focus on ***this time around*** by Wednesday evening. Thanks!


I was offering free YouTube channel exposure and not a single person in the group contacted me about the offer. Previously, I made contact with another group and the response was amazing, with two channels selected for inclusion in this blog. This time, however…

Absolute silence.

But why? It’s not as though I was a stranger to either group as my YouTube channel and videos were often featured in both, and I had a good rapport with a number of members in each group. So, again…why?

In truth, I don’t know why there was no response from this one group, and I’m not going to give myself a migraine by dwelling on it. I simply rescinded the offer once the specified time passed and moved on.

Regardless of the outcome this time around, I will continue to bring variety to my readers by focusing on the creative efforts of myself and other YouTubers. To that end, here is my latest creation…

Please watch the video, press “like,” and subscribe to the channel. I appreciate your support!

All the best,
-Keith V.

Ybor Rob and the Terrors of Tampa


Hi, all! This blog entry continues my focus on YouTubers. Today, the focus is on “Ybor Rob,” a videographer based in Tampa, Florida. His channel is called “YBOR ROB INJUSTICE WATCH AND PRANKS,” and he offers one heck of a wild ride for his viewers. “Ybor Rob” films police action some may deem questionable, and he captures lots of it. Prior to watching his channel, I had no idea there was so much law-and-order activity in Tampa! And what’s more, he records other sorts of explosive action in the area as well. If there is conflict, action, or controversy, “Ybor Rob” tries to be there.

As always, this YouTuber would appreciate your support by watching his videos and subscribing to his channel.

Thank you.
-Keith V.

Last Woman

Eccentric Entries Title Cards (2)Hi, all! I will be focusing on my YouTube work and the work of others for a while. My latest video features commentary over a classic science fiction movie. This is the third film for which I’ve added a commentary track, and I think this one is relevant due to today’s deserved focus on women’s issues and how the film shows the complete opposite of today’s strong women. The movie is called “Last Woman on Earth,” and if you support #MeToo and other female empowerment movements, then this movie could well remind you of the mindsets you’re fighting against.

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Thank you.
-Keith V.

A Young YouTuber with Flair and Fashion

Hi, all! This is a short post that I felt compelled to write. There is a young YouTuber out there who needs support for her channel. Her YouTube name is “Flowy Tea,” and she is energetic, confident, intelligent, and creative. While this video is geared toward women, we males can still show our support for her efforts by watching her videos, giving her work a “Like,” and Subscribing to her channel.

Do I know her personally? No. Do I know that she needs help to make her channel a roaring success? Yes. And what’s more, her video is perfectly timed for summer and back-to-school.

Let’s support our girls and women!

Please remember to “like,” “share,” and “subscribe” to her channel.

Thank you.
-Keith V.

Catching Up

The Pretentious British Fellow

It’s been a few weeks since I posted here, so I thought I’d update all of you about my recent activities. To wit: I have fully moved to video production. My YouTube channel is slowly growing and I have created a Twitter feed as well. Most of the videos are narrated by a British character named the “Pretentious British Fellow” (above) while others are narrated by a soft-spoken Welsh character named the “Quiet Man From Wales.” There is one video narrated by a still-unnamed character that details how to find your Facebook information, so I’ll need a name for her. Would you have any ideas?

Video production is relatively new to me, of course. Over 10 years of blogging never gave me the chance to develop the resources and skills to craft YouTube videos, but I am very happy to say that I’ve rapidly come up-to-speed on the art of video production. Watch my videos and you’ll see a steady progression in all aspects of the productions. This actually amazes me since my first effort was not a typical “newbie” video given it was crafted with many advanced video editing techniques that I quickly mastered. All subsequent videos have given me the opportunity to present other advanced techniques while continuing to offer in video form the kind of content I previously offered in blogs alone.
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