New Year, New Entries

Change written on a wall.

Change in all things is sweet.

Happy new year, everyone! Last year felt like a rollercoaster ride for 365 days straight, didn’t it? The year was…interesting…for many, absolutely disastrous for others, and just about the best thing since sliced bread for the rest. As we drive further into 2018, our view of the past year is quickly receding in the rearview mirror. Here’s to stepping on the accelerator and moving forward into a year of peace and purpose. May this new year be one of happiness and prosperity for you all, and may it be a time of great unity and progress for our bitterly divided nation. Continue reading


April Update

A pit bull.

A pit bull.

Blog update: This continues to be a not-so-great time for the Viverette family. Not only do we have a beloved household member going in-and-out of intensive care, I have suffered an injury to my rib cage that makes breathing a challenge. My injury has only become worse with time and I can barely move, and that’s despite allowing much time and the use of heating pads to work some magic. It is with great reluctance that I state my expectation to see a doctor no later than tomorrow. Continue reading

New Posts for August 2013!

She approves!

Redhead woman with two thumbs up.

I am proud to announce that I have resumed blogging!

My two newest entries are in my social & political blog, “Uncommon Comments“.  There, I address recent issues such as black youth, the deaths of an Australian baseball player and a WWII veteran, and why black Americans need to regain the moral high ground.  The post is called “Back to the High Ground“.  I hope you find it interesting enough to provide comments about it.  The other entry is also socio-political in nature, meaning that “Uncommon Comments” is its home as well.  This newer entry discusses the terrorist attacks of September 11th and how we Americans had (and wasted) an opportunity to move this nation forward in united fashion.  The entry is called “A Lesson We Never Took to Heart“.  Please click on the link, read the text and let me know your thoughts when you’re done.

Next time the entries will be of a more personal nature, meaning this “Eccentric Entries” blog will grow again.

Thanks to all for sticking with me.  Be well and don’t forget to write!

-Keith V.

Welcome to the new home of “Eccentric Entries”!


Two thumbs up!

Two thumbs up!

New location, same eccentricity.  Readers, I am so happy to now have this blog on  Why?  Well, it is my belief that I can deliver a richer experience for my readers on this blogging platform.  I encountered a number of limitations when using the utilities provided by this blog’s former host, and I found those limitations too … well … limiting.  Stifling, actually.  Happily, there is no more stifled creativity here, folks!   It’s forward, ever forward, for this blog.  Thanks for again coming along for the ride.


Keith V.