Peace For Our Time?

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Hello, readers. As you may have noticed, this blog is increasingly becoming a vlog. I will continue to post content here that points to my videos, but the day will soon come when I move to a purely video-based production.

With the above said, I am proud to present my latest video. It concerns the recent deal with North Korea and what could possibly go wrong. I hope you enjoy it. Continue reading


Total Bullcrap #2: Promised Reparations

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Ah, Facebook. It is home to so many things, some good and some…


I recently saw a post that claimed racism did not exist and that there was no need for reparations to African-Americans for slavery. The racism statement was easy enough to address, but the reparations portion was far trickier.

American slavery—as opposed to slavery in other nations—was an evil and dehumanizing social institution that was adopted by states in the North and the South. It conditioned whites to think of blacks as animals, not people. Slaves were little more than a kind of livestock, complete with branding as proof of ownership. Female slaves faced their own particular kind of hell as they were often raped and impregnated by slave-masters who faced no penalty for horrendous actions that would face severe criminal penalties today.

During the Civil War, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman issued Special Field Order #15 as a means of confiscating former Confederate land for use by freed slaves in 40-acre lots, but his attempt was later thwarted by President Andrew Johnson. Following Abraham Lincoln’s death, former Vice President Andrew Johnson assumed the presidency, and his reversal of Sherman’s order meant the freed slaves were denied the land they were promised. Accordingly, many black Americans still wait for the day when promises of reparations for slavery will be kept.

With the above as a backdrop, I created a video in which I addressed the issues surrounding any possible reparations for American slavery, but not the facets of slavery itself. The problems impeding any attempt to make reparations for slavery are enormous, yet few have mentioned many of the roadblocks any true effort would face. The video tries to fill that gap. It is the second relevant YouTube video I’ve ever created, and I believe it is a very polished effort. Continue reading

Your Facebook Information


It’s been a struggle. I promised that I would create and post a video related to the recent Facebook security issues, so I went to work creating it. That was a couple of weeks ago. “So, what happened?”, you may ask. My computer, that’s what happened. I almost believe the failure-prone thing is alive and possessed by evil spirits. It crashed at the worst possible moments, and it crashed often. Each time it crashed, my blood pressure ticked upward a bit. I now fear that any attempt to measure my blood pressure would cause the cuff to explode. I tried, the computer crashed, and I got a headache. I tried again, it crashed again, and the headache became a migraine. And so it went until three things happened: First, I finished the video; second, I fell in love with acetaminophen; third, I suddenly had a crappy high-performance computer to sell!

Despite the problems given to me by my electronic nemesis, the creation of the video was a labor of love for me. It is the first relevant YouTube video I’ve ever created, and I am proud of it. The video does not rake Facebook over the coals for its security lapses. Congress, the media, and Mark Zuckerberg himself already took care of that. Instead, my video shows how to create, download, and review a file that contains all of your Facebook information. In my case, I saw that my data from 2009 was still on Facebook’s servers. Just to be clear, I am not talking about information such as your web address, known websites that you visit, or anything other than information you may have provided to Facebook over the years. Continue reading

Teaching Sexism, One Kid at a Time

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5-4-3-2-1…Thunderbirds Are Go is sexist!

I’d like to hear from other parents out there who’ve watched Thunderbirds Are Go in monitoring their kids’ TV habits. I’ve found the show to be 100% unwatchable. It is a misandrist’s dream: All the women are super-smart, super-athletic, braver than the courageous Audie Murphy (look him up here), and they all outperform, outsmart, and generally outdo the frequently hapless male characters. As for those male characters, well, read on. Continue reading

So, They’re Moving “Fearless Girl”

Strong woman.

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The following is a rant, plain and simple. According to CNBC, the statue of the little girl will be moved from its current position by the end of the year. She will no longer stand in defiance of American prosperity as symbolized by the Charging Bull. Instead, she will be made to wrongly stand against far more than she ever has before, and this intended mistreatment of Fearless Girl angers me beyond words. Continue reading

It’s Not A Drive-By!


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My friends, I intended to show pictures of murals that I snapped here in New York City, but upon inspection of my work, I found my efforts wanting. The lovingly crafted murals were created by truly gifted artists, and each one depicts various musicians who lived in Queens County. The men and women who painted the murals obviously understood things such as lighting, perspective, and sizing when creating their masterpieces, and to see their work is to view unheralded artistic wizardry. Conversely, my rushed efforts to capture their artwork via a digital camera were…well…not reflective of wizardry of any sort. Continue reading

Total Bullcrap #1: Deep Web Scans


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Hello, and welcome to the first installment of “Total Bullcrap.” This series will address the many wallet-draining claims made by individuals and businesses that aren’t merely unfounded: they are total bullcrap. The first steaming pile of manure I want to flush into a sewer is the “deep web scan” feature that certain companies offer as an incentive to buy their services or as the service itself. Such scans purportedly offer reliable protection against identity theft, but in truth, they are mostly the fiction of clever marketers.

Yes, it’s all total bullcrap. Continue reading