Triggers, Tingles, and ASMR

woman wearing black sleeveless dress holding white headphone at daytime

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Hi, all! This blog entry again focuses on YouTubers, and I am happy to report that my quest to feature a female content producer has finally met with success. Last week, my attempts were met with… well… uh… something far less than success (as I noted here), but thanks to the kind cooperation of the woman behind a YouTube channel named “Bakers Dozen ASMR,” I am again able to present the efforts of a female YouTuber.

“Bakers Dozen ASMR” concerns the causes of the phenomenon called “autonomous sensory meridian response” (ASMR). Generally speaking, ASMR is a meditative practice through which a person enters into a euphoric or relaxed state as triggered by auditory or visual stimulation, and it is normally accompanied by a tingling sensation that travels from the top of the head and courses down the spine. With the preceding in mind as an overall description, the channel owner has provided us with her personal experience with ASMR. According to her, certain sounds trigger a tingling that usually starts in her head or extremities and spreads around her body to induce a feeling of pure relaxation, one as if she is floating on clouds. 

The tingling and the euphoric feeling associated with ASMR are catalyzed by sounds and sights alone, so one major key to ASMR happiness is to determine what triggers the “tingles” within a specific person. Since no two people are alike, “Bakers Dozen ASMR” features a growing collection of gentle, repetitive sounds such as the splashes of raindrops on a car roof and the soft clicks of playing with a children’s toy to facilitate ASMR. As these sounds (and more) are manually created by the channel owner, she speaks in the softest of tones to maintain the viewer’s focus on the repetitive sounds she creates, and the result is amazingly effective once the listener closes their eyes.

Please visit “Bakers Dozen ASMR” for relaxing ASMR videos and support this creative woman’s channel by watching her content and subscribing. Let’s continue to show women our support! 

All the best,
-Keith V.



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