Teaching Sexism, One Kid at a Time

Image from Pexels.com

Image from Pexels.com.

5-4-3-2-1…Thunderbirds Are Go is sexist!

I’d like to hear from other parents out there who’ve watched Thunderbirds Are Go in monitoring their kids’ TV habits. I’ve found the show to be 100% unwatchable. It is a misandrist’s dream: All the women are super-smart, super-athletic, braver than the courageous Audie Murphy (look him up here), and they all outperform, outsmart, and generally outdo the frequently hapless male characters. As for those male characters, well, read on.

The lead male characters, the Tracy brothers, are all seen as the extremely capable operators of advanced rescue machinery. However, all of them tend to be out of their depth when it comes to the new female member of the team who is–of course–bold, daring, athletic, rebellious, and intelligent. She is depicted as being able to utilize the Tracy brothers’ highly-advanced rescue machines with little or no training, and though she is a novice pilot, her skills are seen as superior to those of most of the men despite their many years of training and experience.

One scene that amply displays the diminishment of the male gender within the Thunderbirds universe is a scene wherein the Tracy brother who has spent most of his adult life in the zero gravity of space is defeated several times in zero-gravity games by a visiting female astronaut. While a woman can certainly defeat a man in any given sport, the casual and repeated defeat of the Tracy brother violated the established role of the character as the franchise’s most space-capable member. The Tracy brothers were always seen as the “best of the best” going back to their original incarnations in the 1960s, thus it is the sexist depiction of them as consistently inferior beings that is jarring to behold.

This brings us to the secondary male characters. Boy, where do I begin? Every secondary male character is flawed. They are either vain, overbearing, and incompetent, or they are sheepishly under the command of female superiors. Within the show, the head of Earth’s entire defense force is female, the leader of the Mars settlement is female, and there are more. With little exception, anyone who is capable and in charge of a ship, organization, and team/crew is a woman. However, if the person in charge is flawed, then they will certainly be male.

This newest entry in the Thunderbirds franchise is yet another example of SJW thought invading the minds of our youth and poisoning them. It is wrong to depict either gender as consistently superior or inferior, but that’s what the show does. It’s as though its creators are trying to undo hundreds of years of female marginalization in 30-minute increments. I applaud efforts to show women as strong and capable, but I spit on efforts such as this show, efforts that are every bit as hateful and harmful to one gender as past sins were against the other.

Keith V.



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