So, They’re Moving “Fearless Girl”

Strong woman.

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The following is a rant, plain and simple. According to CNBC, the statue of the little girl will be moved from its current position by the end of the year. She will no longer stand in defiance of American prosperity as symbolized by the Charging Bull. Instead, she will be made to wrongly stand against far more than she ever has before, and this intended mistreatment of Fearless Girl angers me beyond words.

I wrote about the sheer illogic of her existing placement in a past blog post, and I stand by my statements. The original positioning of Fearless Girl was wholly inappropriate, and thanks to misguided officials within New York City government, its planned future position will be tragically wrong. My friends, politicians here in New York City have decided to relocate the statue of the defiant little girl to the beating heart of the American economy: the New York Stock Exchange. Once she is moved there, Fearless Girl will be made to stand against the nearby statue of George Washington and the American prosperity he and the Founding Fathers bravely fought to achieve.

Wow, before Fearless Girl came along, I never knew that statues of females were anti-capitalist and anti-American in nature! Does this mean the flame of Lady Liberty’s torch is meant to symbolically burn away American currency or even the entire American financial system? Does this mean the statues of famous women in this list from Hyperallergic are meant to symbolize resistance to those things that are essential parts of the American fabric?

Of course not.

Fearless Girl is being misused by officials possessed of strong anti-American sentiment and a shameless drive to pander to various special interest groups. Sadly, those people are hijacking the message of female empowerment represented by Fearless Girl for their own purposes. Thanks to them, the statue is currently more famous for staring down a bull than it is for representing female achievement and social mobility. Right now, passersby look at the statue as it stands opposite Charging Bull and say “She ain’t afraid of that thing comin’ at her” instead of “Wow, it brilliantly symbolizes the rise of women in America.”

The positioning of Fearless Girl is completely wrong, and it will remain so after it is relocated. The statue is meant to represent the rise of American women, not the diminishment of America’s economic standing. Yet, in twisting Fearless Girl’s meaning of female empowerment to project an anti-American message, no less an anti-capitalist than Karl Marx is doubtlessly smiling from somewhere beyond the grave.

Fearless Girl? No, she is apparently Unyielding Proletariat Girl Resisting the Bourgeoisie. Karl Marx would like that name for the statue. Unfortunately, it seems New York City’s elected officials would like that name as well.

All the best,
Keith V.



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