OJ, Twelve Years Later

Bloody hands.The Fox network recently aired a twelve-year-old interview of OJ Simpson in which the former gridiron legend told a “hypothetical” tale of how he would commit the 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and waiter Ronald Goldman. With absolutely no fear of facing a criminal trial again, Simpson was free to engage in—ahem—murder fantasy during the interview, and it was sickening. If OJ Simpson truly is guilty, then his words from twelve years ago could be a rare and frightening insight into the warped psyche of an arrogant murderer, with every syllable a blistering slap in the faces of the families of the victims. You can read the synopsis here.

If OJ Simpson committed the brutal murders, then I do not believe he did so alone. Simpson was not the speeding pitchman who ran and jumped through airports at the time of the murders. In 1994, he was about 15 years past his playing days and 18 years past his prime. He was an older, slower, allegedly arthritic shell of the league-leading athlete he was from 1972 through 1976. Accordingly, I truly doubt he would’ve had the ability to catch and savagely assault the younger, fitter Mr. Goldman on his own. However, the presence of two killers would’ve been enough to cut off the young man’s avenues of escape. As for Ms. Brown Simpson, the brutality it takes to nearly decapitate another is something only frenzied killers can summon, and scorned lovers (such as ex-husbands) often become the frenzied killers of their former lovers.

Regardless of the widespread suspicion of his guilt, the gloves famously didn’t fit, OJ’s blood from his cut hand was not found inside the left glove, and the convenient evidence found by a known bigot were all enough to sway a multi-racial jury’s opinion in OJ’s favor. Brilliant defense attorney Johnnie Cochran led a “dream team” of defense attorneys in turning the proceedings around and putting the police and evidence on trial, not OJ Simpson, and the former player and announcer left court a free man.

In eluding justice, Simpson joined a list of celebrities such as Robert Blake and William S. Burroughs who somehow managed to defeat the legal system in criminal proceedings. Incredibly, although Simpson and Blake were found liable in civil proceedings, the murders they are strongly suspected of committing are technically unsolved cases from a criminal standpoint.

Finally, I have to add a personal note: Readers, I hated to write the previous sentence. Knowing that the cases involving OJ Simpson and Robert Blake continue to exist and the perpetrators remain free are sins against our society. A foul taste came to my mouth when I wrote the word “unsolved,” and it remained long after I typed them.

All the best,

Keith V.

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