Rejecting Hate

Bloody nut.

Sometimes I receive disturbing feedback to my blog entries. The notes in question largely ramble on and are mostly filled with baseless accusations and overt racism. In one case, an offensive note referenced a website that was filled with even greater amounts of rambling hatred. Clearly, some people have too much time on their hands and too much negativity to contain!

I fail to understand how people filled with unbridled hatred could send such notes to me with the implicit expectation of seeing them published here or in any other blog I control. I assure you, their comments will not see the light of day. My blogs are meant to inform, entertain, and spur intelligent thought. They are not platforms for hatred or intolerance. They are not launching pads for unfounded conspiracy theories. They are not feeding grounds for fear and suspicion.

As a writer, I fully expect my readers to have wildly different opinions. I expect views from the Left, the Right, and the almost non-existent Center. I expect emotional replies and well-reasoned commentary. I expect many things and I welcome those that are positive or constructive, but I absolutely reject hatred and the expectation that it has a home here. I assure you, it does not.

I can’t control who reads this blog. However, I am able to control which comments are posted. And yes, I exercise great power in that regard. I have moderated all comments in my various blogs from my earliest days of providing online content. Got spam? Not here. Got hatred? Not here. So, why send them to me? Anyone who reads my blogs knows that spam and hateful comments are not present. I truly believe that some intolerant people send garbage to me in the hope that their comments will somehow slip past me and make it into print. Well, the joke’s on them. I catch them all and disappoint haters time and again, and I do so with a smile.

Dear readers, I assure you that hatred will never find a home here. Hatred will never come from me, and it will never be posted by hatemongers seeking to spread their vitriol. I make this promise to you now, and I will honor it with every article I post.

All the best,
Keith V.

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