New Year, New Entries

Change written on a wall.

Change in all things is sweet.

Happy new year, everyone! Last year felt like a rollercoaster ride for 365 days straight, didn’t it? The year was…interesting…for many, absolutely disastrous for others, and just about the best thing since sliced bread for the rest. As we drive further into 2018, our view of the past year is quickly receding in the rearview mirror. Here’s to stepping on the accelerator and moving forward into a year of peace and purpose. May this new year be one of happiness and prosperity for you all, and may it be a time of great unity and progress for our bitterly divided nation.

Yes, I wrote a somewhat political statement above. However, I am not going to write another word about America’s political climate at this time as Eccentric Entries is not meant to be a dedicated sociopolitical column. While I reserve the right to address certain political matters, this space will always be a safe haven from polarizing narratives. First and foremost, Eccentric Entries is a home for true stories, personal anecdotes, and an occasional word about film, television, or music.

newspaper-154444_6402018 is expected to be a time of transformation for Eccentric Entries. I am happy beyond measure to announce that new content will be released on a weekly basis going forward! Readers have asked me to write more frequently, so if that’s what you–my readers–want, then that’s what you’ll get!

newspaper-154444_640This next bit of news regards a slight change in tone. I intend to create more articles that reflect my thoughts and opinions in greater measure, but without going into extensive political commentary. I will strive to add content with more of my hopes, dreams and beliefs poured into each article, and that will be in addition to the continued generation of the kind of content that is already well-received.

Please come back to Eccentric Entries for a new article next week!

All the best,
Keith V.


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