Young Again

A Hero to the Rescue!

A Hero to the Rescue!

While online recently, I noted that a fellow member of an online group posted an image of a Comic-Con from 1975 that featured only those characters belonging to Marvel Entertainment. For legal reasons, I am unable to use the image as part of this article. However, I am free to provide this link to the image. Please take a look at it before reading further. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. 😉

The 1975 poster shows the classic Marvel characters as they were at the time. Seeing the original (Marvel version) of Captain Marvel (complete with white hair) and the original Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson who?) was just the start of my trip to the past. The wonderful artwork of the late John Buscema and the masterful detail work of Joe Sinnott finished the task of bringing back several memories of my youth, and of moments and precious comics long gone. 

The duo of Buscema and Sinnott were responsible for many of the action-filled images within Marvel’s comics at the time, and I loved seeing how they presented the company’s unique variety of fictional characters. Many of the comics I bought featured them as the art team, and I was never disappointed. Just knowing they drew an issue was enough for me to buy it. Even today, well over a decade after their final creation, the pair remains one of my favorite artist and inker duos.

Every Saturday morning during spring and summer would see me run to a particular candy store, one that carried comics as well as sweets. The store had the best selection of comics in the area, and I would walk out laden with Marvel comics while drinking one of two (or three) just-purchased Yoo-Hoo drinks. Reading comics meant it was chocolate beverage time, of course. Then again, almost any time is a good time for chocolate.

When I arrived home, a dozen or so of my friends would gather around with issues of their own, and we would read comics and talk about our favorite Marvel characters. The Hulk is best! No, Silver Surfer is! Doctor Strange would make them both vanish! And so it went. The afternoon would slowly arrive and I would put away my comics, thus ending our comics debate in favor of playing stickball.

Ah, those times. First and third bases were the rear tires of parked cars, second base was a manhole cover, and home plate was a brick. We had a broomstick and plenty of handballs, and we played until sundown while referencing Marvel characters whenever an exemplary play was made. Snagged it like Spider-Man! Hammered it like Thor!

Most of us moved away as we got older and adult issues took hold. I returned years later and saw that only three remained of the group with whom I would spend so many Saturdays. The reunion turned sad for me when I saw they were so defeated by life that our days of youthful gatherings were unworthy of remembrance to them.

As for the Comic-Con image from 1975, I thanked the online group member for providing it. Because of a person I will likely never meet, I was young again–if only for a moment.

All the best,
Keith V.



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