April 2017 Entry Delayed

Blog update: This continues to be a not-so-great time for the Viverette family. Not only do we have a beloved household member going in-and-out of intensive care, I have suffered an injury to my rib cage that makes breathing a challenge. My injury has only become worse with time and I can barely move, and that’s despite allowing much time and the use of heating pads to work some magic. It is with great reluctance that I state my expectation to see a doctor no later than tomorrow.

In the meantime, this month’s entry is delayed. It’s not for lack of trying, I assure you. I’m just having a Hell of a time trying to focus from within the recent upheaval that now exists within our family dynamic and from my own painful inability to move and breathe.

On a positive note, please allow me to introduce our new Pit Bull mix. His name is Terry, he has black-and-white fur, he loves to give sloppy dog kisses, he currently weighs north of 70 pounds, he is all muscle and no fat, and he patrols the inside of our home every night. All that, plus he is still a juvenile so the burly pup will become the burly adult. Terry is but the first of many new “gifts” we brought in for any returning push-in robbers. The other gifts have triggers.

Keith V.