Last Night…

A generic image of an intruder.

An image of an intruder.

I normally don’t post to this blog more than once a month, but I had to denote an incident that occurred on the night of March 4th.  That night, around 9:15 PM here in New York City, we had an uninvited visitor. That’s “uninvited” as in some miserable piece of street garbage tried to force himself into my house via the side door.

As we sat inside listening to Steve Harvey and the buzzes and laughter of “Family Feud,” as visiting teenagers played whatever insult to the eardrums they call music from booming speakers, the intruder opened my front gates, walked past my front door, proceeded down my driveway, opened the outer door, and began his assault against my steel-reinforced side door. It was a largely silent effort at first, but one-by-one we became aware that something was wrong, that someone was trying to force the largely windowless door open. Those closest to the door heard it first, followed by those who were silently waved over. Fear gripped us all then, for we all knew that only a madman, one who was likely armed, would try to forcibly enter a home that was obviously filled with people.

As we heard the unmistakable sounds of pushing and straining, and as we saw the door handle move, several of us gathered near the door and loudly offered salutations that were quite far from “Have a nice day!” to the intruder. Even as some congregated near the door, others went to ensure that all entrances to the house were secure. And yes, all of us had knives, baseball bats, and machetes at the ready. Gun or no gun, the intruder would be clubbed into submission and sliced to ribbons if he came in.

We heard the outer door fly open and the sound of rapid footsteps retreating into the night. Regardless, we remained alert and ready even as our minds raced. Was the fiend at the side door the only intruder in the yard? Who else could there be? Were they trying to trick us somehow?

Whoever the intruder was, he ran faster than Ben Johnson on steroids. Those persons watching the front windows reported that a human blur raced out of the yard and past the front gates, moving so fast that none could make out who he was or if he was armed. Despite this, there was no sense of relief. The event was too strange, too contrary to normal behavior. We had no answers to earlier questions. We didn’t know how many more there could’ve been, we didn’t know if any were armed, and most disturbingly of all, we didn’t know why they would try to assault what was literally a full house.

Needless to say, most of us remained awake through the night, our frayed nerves causing us to jump at the sound of every passing truck or noise made by our neighbors. In the morning, my wife and I decided to buy a dog that we will love and who will love us in return, and yes, we decided to buy guns. We will get what we need to safeguard our lives despite living in a city that works diligently to keep guns away from the innocent.

It’s odd how lives can change in a moment. For us, that moment came last night. We are determined to never allow such an event to come again.

All the best,
Keith V.

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