Steaming and Dreaming: A Light-Hearted Look at Early Automobiles

Giant tarantula from the film, "The Wild Wild West."

Giant tarantula from the film, “The Wild Wild West.”

Artemus Gordon: We have the element of surprise. What does Loveless have?

[They look down into a canyon]

Artemus Gordon: He has his own city.  

[Loveless’ mechanical spider walks up over the edge of the cliff on which they are standing]

Capt. James West: He has an 80-foot tarantula.

Artemus Gordon: I was just coming to that.

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Welcome to the new home of “Eccentric Entries”!


Two thumbs up!

Two thumbs up!

New location, same eccentricity.  Readers, I am so happy to now have this blog on  Why?  Well, it is my belief that I can deliver a richer experience for my readers on this blogging platform.  I encountered a number of limitations when using the utilities provided by this blog’s former host, and I found those limitations too … well … limiting.  Stifling, actually.  Happily, there is no more stifled creativity here, folks!   It’s forward, ever forward, for this blog.  Thanks for again coming along for the ride.


Keith V.